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What To Do When You Get Hit By A Car On A Bike in Quakertown, Pennsylvania?



Call your Quakertown bicycle lawyer as soon as possible and before speaking to any insurance company, including your own insurance company. Usually, insurance houses will contact you straight after an accident. You risk giving information, carelessly and unintentionally that can cause serious damage to your case. However, if you’ve spoken to your attorney first, he will guide you through making the report to your insurance company in the right way and give you instructions on your next steps.

Likewise, if you hit an animal, pull off to the side of the road and try to look for the owner if you think that the animal is a domesticated pet. However, if you cannot find the owner or it is a wild animal, call 911 or an animal rights/humane society. Don’t try to move the animal to avoid additional injuries.

If there are injuries and damages, do not settle a claim without legal representation. Meet and discuss with your Quakertown bicycle lawyer before anyone and before you start accepting any settlement offers.

Overall, it’s important to take proactive measures right after an accident. Ensure that you seek medical attention immediately, protect any injuries, call for help, document every necessary information and get legal help immediately.

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You need to protect yourself and your family.  Gather all the information that you have documented from the bike crash.  Skim through this website that we refer to as a resource guide.  If you need to read about attorney fees, attorney contingency fees, what a bike crash - personal injury lawyer will do for you.   If necessary, use our bicycle accident injury settlement calculator. Then schedule a Free consultation with an expeienced bike accident legal expert in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.


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